Digitalization in Swiss schools

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Fieldwork finished!

Kinder sitzen konzentriert an zwei Laptops

15.07.2022 | Fieldwork finished!

The data collection within the framework of the ÜGK 2024 pilot survey has ended. We would like to thank all participants. Now the data will be processed before the analyses can start.

Workshop «Leadership in Change»

17.06.2022 | Leadership in Change: Teaching and Learning in the Future

DigiPrim contributes to the continuing education of school leaders from the Canton of Bern.

Go-ahead for DigiPrim

Sportler in Startposition auf einer Laufbahn

01.01.2022 | Go-ahead for DigiPrim

Within the framework of the BeLEARN initiative of the Canton of Bern, our DigiPrim project has been launched on 01.01.2022. Data collection will begin as early as May 2022 as part of our cooperation with the ÜGK 2024 pilot survey.